13 Mar 2015

Cultivating Practical Skills For The Modern World

There is something to be said for using one’s perception simply to understand what the important skills that they can use in their life, and what are the skills that are less than important. There’s plenty of material available in just about any reference section of a book store or library, and of course the infinitely growing internet. That said, I’m always a fan of transferable skills just for how practical they are with trying to get into the constantly fluctuating job market. And it helps to get yourself a decent transferable skills analysis so you can get a healthy understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.


Here is a nice listing of some of the most recognizably important skills that people will find, come very much in handy. © Denise Krebs.

I think my personal best skill out of that list is probably my effective written and oral communication, and my worst is probably initiative and entrepreneurship. I suppose it’s all a subjective matter as everyone has their own positive and negative traits they need to work on, but the most important thing if you’re asking me, is cultivating the kinds of skills that your career and its needs will be demanding of you.


I do enjoy a fun motivational (or de-motivational) poster like this one. Typically this is the kind of image where you’d see a closed fist around a grenade or Molotov cocktail, but in this case, it’s a much more peaceful image in support of learning, so for a non-violent geek like me, that’s right up my alley. © Wesley Fryer.

It’s always reassuring to see that the business and practice of learning and educating ourselves, cultivating new and old skills, hasn’t been lost. I prefer to hold out for hope in our people’s progression, though the issues of politics and religion are probably never going to cease being a problem, to have a polite conversation about at a party.


Bruce Lee is probably one of my favorite people to quote (just put “be like water” in any search engine and you’ll see what I mean!) and you can see how insightful and philosophical the man could be from quotes like this. Here we can see he means that cultivation (whether you’re talking about physical cultivation, as in say, agriculture, or intangible things like cultivating skill development) when only employed halfway to completion, is little more than a decoration. © QuotesEverlasting.

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